Who is spying on you?

Article : The following quotes are from genuine news articles and make interesting reading. Click to read the whole article (another window will open up with the full article).
Note – they can be quite “techie”.

“Lenovo has sold laptops bundled with unremovable software that features a bonus exploitable security vulnerability” – TheRegister.

“Samsung accused of disabling Microsoft security updates” – BBC.

“Lenovo shipped laptops with man-in-the-middle adware / malware/ bloatware. ‘Superfish’ causes an almighty stink” – TheRegister.

“Online poker players are being targeted by a computer virus that spies on their virtual cards. The sneaky malware has been found lurking in software designed to help poker fans play better, said the security firm that found it” – BBC.

What does this mean in laymans terms? Many computers purchased from high street stores will come preloaded with software. Much of this software is useless and serves no real purpose other than to bombard you with adverts for their products.

In Lenovos case, this software was badly written and easily “exploitable”. Meaning a criminal could use this badly written software to install a virus or malware on a computer, without any-ones knowledge. Not only that, it was almost impossible to remove as it was contained within the computer hardware itself – in the bios. Which meant even clearing the whole computer wouldn’t remove it.

Some of this software is more sinister, spying on its users usage or allowing other malware to be installed, eventually leading to a computer that is unbearably slow or possibly leading to identity theft.

Of course, sometimes the computer owner is at fault, installing software to help with work (or play), only to find out (too late) that the software has a hidden agenda.

Sadly for Apple Mac users, this software is moving from its traditional home of Windows to Apple Macs.

You can, at least for now, trust Apple not to install dodgy software on its products but we’ve seen an increasing amount of Mac software, available for free on the internet, which contains malware.

It’s getting difficult to know who to trust.

More soon.

— Neil @ CompuFix

Please see the malware page for details on how CompuFix can help. All this bloatware/malware/adware/spyware can be removed, safely and efficiently, with no loss of data. Once done your computer will be faster, more usable and more useful.

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