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Buying a new computer and unsure of what to get? Too many choices? Too many options? Worried you might buy a white elephant, or fear being pressurised into paying too much?


Don’t let the bonus seeking sales dept. help you decide which computer is best for you, as they will often sell you a computer that is too expensive for your needs or, even worse, they might sell you the cheap option. This cheap option may seem like a bargain in the shop, but once you get it home find it is far too slow after a couple of weeks of usage.

After making an appointment on the number below, we’ll visit your home or workplace and have a look at your computer usage, and then use this to help you make an informed decision.

e.g. what to look for, what to avoid, compatibility with existing equipment, brand new or nearly new/refurbished and price range.

I will also make sure that the computer is usable by you i.e. if you have any health problems that effect your ability to use a computer or tablet.

We can even come with you to the store or help you find a good purchase on-line.

No pressure to buy – we generally don’t sell computers, so our advice is unbiased and pressure free. (However, this advice is not free!)

The cost will be the normal fee of £25 per hour. See price guidance.

We can also help with installing your new purchase or teach you how to use it.

If your on a tight budget, we can help source professional laptops for a fraction of the shop price.

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