The software currently available for download. All mac, but windows coming soon.



This software builds a database VERY FAST  of all your movies, de-mangles the titles so they are in a more readable form and shows the IDMB view for any movie selected along with a picture.

Instead of waiting hours for a database to be built (from the internet) this app only updates the online content as and when it is needed. So once your movies are scanned (<1 second), you can just scroll through the list of movies and click on one to find more info, or play it.

 XcodeLimiterxcodelimit1Download What does it do? It gives a variable limit on the number of hours spent programming. After this time limit has been reached it will pop up a warning advising that you need to start winding down for the day. Once the warning is clicked, it gives you another 5 minutes until it warns again. After 4 warnings it will kill Xcode and prevent it starting up, SO TAKE HEED!

 Space Planet Earth:


A space invaders type game, fast, difficult and fun for short bursts of time.




A brief (to make and to play) game that is kinda like pacman and problem solving all in one. It’s not very difficult or very fancy but can be fun. The AI enemies isn’t terribly smart, but there are 3 of them, so can gang up to be quite cunning.  Maps can be added (instructions enclosed).




For X-Plane, it shows all your aircraft as a locally stored web page, sorted by type and finding relevant plane images automatically.

End of downloads, come back later for more.


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