Service / Diagnostics / Upgrade

Is your computer running slow?

Maybe it’s getting old?

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a new computer?

If it’s less than 7 years old (10 for macs) it may just need a service. It shouldn’t take longer than 1 hour and you’ll end up with a computer running as if it was brand new.

Why not try an upgrade? Add a couple more years to its life. I’ll diagnose and identify any slow or old parts that are slowing down the whole computer, and replace them with faster parts.

Internet / Email problems? Connection problems can be caused by many things, from malware to broken wiring to software problems, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Please do call us and we’ll come round the same day and get you connected again.

Crashing / Startup issues? From misconfigured software, to faulty hardware components, many things can stop your computer from operating correctly. Call us on the number below, and we’ll be round to diagnose the problem and repair it, often the same day.

Other problems? Such as printer/scanner/camera problems, setting up your new computer, setting up a network to share documents, or sharing music or video with your family or any other problems not listed. As ever, please call and we’ll be round the same day or whenever is most convenient to you.

Click here for list of problems and solutions or here for price guidance.

No hassle, no sales talk, no pressure.
Talk with a tech guy who can help, not a robot reading a script.Addr Full

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