Malware Removal

Is your computer slower than you remember? Much slower?

Do adverts appear where they shouldn’t, such as on the BBC website?

Does Google return strange results – from the same companies over and over?

Does Internet Explorer now show a different web page on starting up?

Has Google disappeared?

Figure 1 : A toolbar possibly running malware.

Do you have too many tool-bars that your don’t remember adding?

If one or more of the above, then you may have malware sneakily installed on your computer, even Apple macs. Anti virus software is often bypassed or ineffective.

CompuFix can remove this software, called malware, safely and without loss of data or computer functionality.

If you suspect malware or a virus then please get in touch as soon as possible, as the longer it’s running on your computer, the more malware will be added to your machine and the longer it will take to remove it.

Be aware that there are many fake software products on the internet that say they will remove malware, but will in fact add more! See Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 : fake virus protection software adverts.

If you have seen an advert like any of the above examples, recently or in the past, and clicked “ok” or “install” then your computer has probably already been “infected”.

Please call the number below for help with removal of all kinds of virus and malware. We are local to Emsworth, so can often visit the same day.

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Addr Full

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Click to see Service and Diagnostics page for more info

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