Hate the Eight?

Do you hate Windows 8? You are not alone. A finger touch-based operating system shoehorned onto a desktop. It doesn’t make much sense.

Windows 10 is moving, slowly, in the right direction, but you might find existing hardware no longer works (audio not working, screen flickering, printers/scanners/cameras/phone backup not working). Plus, it isn’t entirely finished yet, and the performance hit of Windows 10 is not worth the small improvements that Windows 10 brings.

What are your choices?

Windows 8 computers can be downgraded (but improved!) to Windows 7 quite easily, though you may need an additional Windows 7 licence if you’ve never used Windows 7 before. You might even be able to go back to Vista or even XP!

Windows 10 computers can be downgraded in about an hour, as long as Win10 was recently installed. If not, then the same rules apply as for Windows 8 above re the licence.

Please call or email to discuss and arrange an appointment.

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