Price guidance

£25 per hour. Most jobs are completed in 1hr, maybe 2.

The Price Guidance estimates below are just that, estimates, some jobs may take longer. Here is an example – a crashing computer may be a virus or buggy program and be easy to diagnose and fix, or it may be a weak computer hardware component failing under heavy load or overheating.

You will always be given the choice to cancel repairs if it’s not economical to fix.

Price Guidance:-

  • Internet / email problems : 1 hour.
  • Malware removal : 1 hour for slight infection, 2 for heavily infected.
  • Memory upgrades : £30 including parts + fitting.
  • Crashing computer : 1 hour for diagnostics + 1 hour for fix.
  • Dead computer : 1 hour for diagnostics + 1 hour for fix + cost of parts.
  • Basic Training : As much as you need and want. £25 per hour – courses available.
  • Setting up a new computer with emails / internet etc : 1 hour.
  • Setting up a new computer with above + printers/scanners/software etc : 2 hours.
  • Service : 1-2 hours depending on how old the computer is. Older is slower.
  • Network sharing etc : 1-3 hours depending on how many computers and type.
  • Other repairs : cables / leads / plugs etc : 1 hour.
  • Custom built software : Please call or email to discuss your requirements.
  • Purchase advice : 1 hour.
  • Cheap laptops : £100 – £250. The £250 laptops are high specification. Much higher than the £250 laptops available at Tescos / Dixons / Currys / PC World etc – fitting and setup is extra (see above list).

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